Paver Patio Costs
What Are They For This Design?

Would you like to find out about paver patio costs? Here is a design I did for a client. Included is a landing with 3 steps and side planters. There is also an extensive seat wall with end piers.

Take a look at the 3D pictures and then see below for the pricing. You will also see that I itemized the porch and seat wall, so that you will know what they cost individually.

Paver patio with landing, steps, planters and large seat wall.

Porches are needed when the interior of your house is higher than your ground, unless you create a raised patio at the same level. This is much more expensive to do because supporting side walls are needed for the entire patio.

Gray pavers go well with the house.

The large seat wall provides lots of extra seating.

A seat wall is a nice feature, but it does make the project more expensive and can be optional. Some type of landing, however, was needed for this project.

Cost Information

Let’s price the patio with pavers and mosaic block used for all vertical structures. That would be for the planters, step risers, and seat wall.

$15 per square foot for pavers is a good price to go by

The patio is 427 square feet. (The landing area and seat wall are priced separately.)

  • Patio - $6400

  • Landing, steps and planters - $5300
  • Seat Wall and End Piers - $7400

Total Cost $19,100

Cost Saving Options

1. Remove the seat wall and the cost is $11,700. Wow, what a savings!

2. Use an iron railing on the landing instead of the planters and save some money too.

3. Reduce the size of the patio. Basic furniture would still fit on a small space.

4. Use concrete instead of pavers. Color the concrete for interest and create geometric squares for a nice pattern.

Go here to see costs for a patio in bluestone. Patio, seat wall and landing are itemized.

Just want a medium size patio? Find out here what the paver patio costs are along with what it would be for bluestone and even concrete.

Undecided about which materials to use? These pages will help.

Pavers or Bluestone
Pavers or Brick
Pavers or Concrete
Brick or Bluestone

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Paver Patio Costs


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