Paver Patio Design
Ideas for Patterns and Colors

I would say that a paver patio design is one of the most popular types of patios. This is due to the fact that they are relatively reasonably priced and come in a wide array of color sizes, textures and options.

As with anything else in the area of landscape design, a paver project can be mediocre or outstanding.

So what makes a patio of landscaping pavers one that you remember?

The truth is…there are many great patio design ideas that will help create that special project.

And it's not only the pavers. You can add interesting features too.

Choosing the Right Patio Paver Color

Choose a color that coordinates well with your home, since your patio will most likely be up against your house. Bring some sample pavers home…bring quite a few of one color. Look at the concrete pavers up against your house and see which looks best. Don’t take the word of the landscaper or choose landscaping pavers from a catalog or online picture.

Here’s a paver patio design using two contrasting colors and four different sizes.

There are many pavers like this using various colors so that the pavers have more of a natural stone appearance. This is usually more interesting than one color.

The darker color picks up the color of the house brick (seen on the back right of the photo.

Belgard Hardscapes.

You might love a paver color. Perhaps you saw it in a magazine...or at a friend's house. However, you won't know for sure that it is right unless you look at it in relationship to your surroundings.

You might also consider a brick patio. Brick costs a bit more, but it is a natural material, made from clay, rather than concrete. Click here to see many of my designs and unique ideas in Patio Plans For Inspiration

The Paver Shapes Matter Too

The geometric pattern of the pavers should blend well with any other surrounding patterns.

For example, if your house is brick, choose a shape or shapes that will be a nice contrast.

Don’t duplicate the brick shape or it will be boring.

I have found that using contrasting shapes together provides interest and looks well with brick and wood siding.

Mixed grays seem to work well in many different landscapes. If you are doing a waterfall, it’s easy to blend the gray color with natural looking landscaping boulders.

Cambridge Pavingstones with Armortec

Add a Border or Other Design

A border along a patio is called a soldier course. This helps to frame the patio just like in a picture.

Sometimes a circle design can be added in an interesting location. Many pavers come with matching circle kits with circle sizes that can be adjusted.

Here’s more of a one color paver patio design (but not completely) from Techo-Bloc. The paver patio design is simple and I think it’s quite successful.

The wide expanse could have benefited from the use of a circle in the design or some other details, such as a border.

Include Other Interesting Elements

Add a seatwall, which will provide lots of additional seating and look great also.

Consider a patio pond nearby or right up against the patio. Even a single fountain looks interesting. If your budget allows it, add a pergola over part of the patio. As another option for shade, you can plant a tree right in the patio with a circle cut out to allow for growth. See more paver patio design ideas.

This paver patio is a blend of tans and grays. Even though different colors are used, it’s a subtle look. I think they could have done a better job matching the steps and walls with the patio though.
Techo-Bloc Athena.

The above images are not from my projects. I chose them to show and critique various types of pavers and designs.

Patio Plans For Inspiration. Click here to see actual patio plans that I did for some of my clients. Both 3D and plan view designs are shown so that you can use them or get ideas for your own project. Explanations are also provided.

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Paver Patio Design

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