How to Create Amazing Landscapes by Choosing Beautiful Plants and Placing Them Right!

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How Will This Guide Help You?

Here are some examples of what I have included for you:

  • How to design a "wow" foundation planting. 
  • Favorite plants I use for my clients. 
  • How to choose the correct size plants. 
  • How to create a knockout driveway design. 
  • Placing and choosing walkway plants for that extra pizazz. 
  • Placing/choosing plants for privacy.  
  • Recommended trees for privacy. 
  • Designing a beautiful slope - how to choose the right plants, placement, and recommended fool-poof plants!
  • See beautiful photos!

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I was featured on the Nate Berkus Show & am an award winning landscape designer!

Planting Design Testimonial 

Thanks to you, I am now totally hooked on this kind of gardening!  I can hardly wait until next year. Many, many thanks for your brilliant design and incredibly patient and insightful help!  I could not have done this any other way."

Elise, New York 

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