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Negative slope but no issues

I bought a house last year with a negative slope back yard going to a positive slope in the front yard. House inspection showed no leakage stains in foundation

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Lawn regrading or other grading option

I've been living in my house for 10 years. Never had water in my basement. Last March after a heavy rain, had water on my basement. Ceiling and walls

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Gravel vs sand base for bluestone patio

view from patio toward rest of yard

Hello! I live in a brick row house in Pittsburgh, PA that has a narrow but deep back yard with multiple levels (the first level is just behind the house

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revert water from house

water draining towards house

We purchased our home 3 years ago. Unknown to use, there are several areas in the landscape that flow water to the house, instead of away. This has caused

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landscape with river stone

We currently have black rubber tire mulch in all of our gardens. I have been the person in charge of keeping the mulch clean and after 8 years, I'm over

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Street run off

I have a corner lot that seems to be the low spot at the intersection of 2 roads. I am dealing with water that is coming from two directions and when they

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new house with backyard drainage problems

Drainage swale in yard

Hi, We bought a house in October 2013 we are still under builders warranty so when we saw the issue in our backyard we immediately reported it! They

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Drainage problems

Hi, I recently (about 2 yrs ) had my house renovated, increased the square footage & made it handicapped accessible for my son. the contractor allegedly

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I want to do seeding

water collecting in backyard

I hired a professional to clear my lot in my backyard, put fence up, irrigation and sod. He rough grated the lot as you see in the picture and put the

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Retaining Wall and House Grading Conundrum

Hello, I am in the process of trying to create a useable backyard out of a hill. The back yard slopes down directly towards the back of the house. My

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Travertine pavers for a patio around a new pool at the Jersey Shore.

Hi Susan - I am really enjoying your website with all of your insightful ideas and suggestions regarding so many aspects of landscape design. We own a

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Beautiful Fall Landscape Ideas

Japanese Red Maple

Great ideas for fall landscape color with red leaves, berries, and evergreens.

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How To Landscape With Trees

Trees 3

Learn How To Use Trees Successfully in Your Landscape

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Spa built 3 inches too high for standard rate for patio drainage.

drawing of spa and patio

My outdoor spa was built 3 inches too high out of the ground to meet code restrictions for drainage. The deck for the spa will connect to the back patio

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North Jersey Foundation Question

Help With Front Yard Foundation Plants

Hi Susan, Can you recommend specific shrubs and perennials for my foundation? Specifically the area along the house, under the triple window. We are

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Free Ebook on Trees

Get my free ebook (normally this sells for $19.95) Trees for Landscaping.

It's a great reference book and also has beautiful photos.

Learn about:

Evergreen Trees - great information on which to use for privacy and how to place them.

Flowering Trees - which are my favorites and why!

Shade Trees - Why not choose those which have dazzling fall color?!

Find out their sizes, planting zones, how fast they grow and more!

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Discover Top Shade Perennials

plats for shade

Shade perennials can be colorful and interesting. If you want to create a perennial shade garden, consider some of these great plants.

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Landscaping a Shady Corner

Shady Corner Near Driveway

Hello, I have a photo of the corner of our home that is a mess. We used to park a fold-out camper there and it had stones covering the area but due to

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Backyard Fencing and Dry Laid Wall

Hello. We just built a home on top of a hill. In order to get a backyard for our boys to play, we had to put in a retaining wall which is 10-12 feet

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NJ Law Regarding Changing Property Drainage Between Neighbors

Is there some regulation in NJ stating that there should be spacing between new sidewalk slabs and property line on my neighbor's property so that water

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