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How to Create a Professional Looking Front Yard Design

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Hi, I'm Susan Schlenger, and I'm here to help you create the garden of your dreams.

In my 18 years as an award-winning landscape designer, I've seen a lot of front yards – some of them stunningly beautiful, many a little cringe-worthy.

I've taken dozens of clients from having front yards that depressed and embarrassed them, to having beautiful creations that fill each day with joy and help express the true essence of their homes and personalities.

So many of my clients turned to me for help after they'd already sunk months of their lives and thousands of dollars into landscape designs that were doomed to failure from the start.

If only they had come to me sooner!

I created this ebook to help make sure you don't make those same mistakes.

What's In the Ebook?

Here's a handful of the useful tips and techniques you'll find inside:

  • Five flowering plants that are dead simple to grow and give any garden a professional flair
  • How to choose the right trees (and why they're so important)
  • A clear guide to choosing the right flowers, shrubs and trees for the right seasons
  • Tips for placing plants in the right place for the right amount of sun
  • Foundation plants - what they are, and why no garden looks good without them
  • The top 3 things you MUST consider when designing your own garden (this alone is worth the value of the whole ebook)
  • Tricks I use to significantly cut down the cost of a garden design (without sacrificing the look)
  • How to create a full-sense experience with fragrant plants
  • And much, much more

My Guarantee to You

I'm confident this ebook is exactly what you need to create a dream garden that will have your friends and family wondering how you did it – I know, because the ebook has already helped dozens of others to achieve the same effect.

In fact, I'm so confident this ebook is exactly what you're looking for, I'm offering a full, 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked, no hard feelings. 

What Others Are Saying About the Designing Front Yards Ebook...

Jacki Cammidge
Certified Horticulturist - Owner and Webmaster
Drought Smart Plants

This e-book is perfect for planning your landscaping. The points that Susan makes about choosing the plants for their function, not just good looks, are known by landscape designers, horticulturists and other professionals, not so much the general public.

Susan goes into great detail about what to plant where, to get a well balanced and beautiful landscaping plan. Using the guidelines in this book will get you well ahead when it comes to choosing the plants – a good portion of the book goes into details about some excellent choices of plants. These are not really common plants, but not so rare and unusual that you won’t be able to find them at many garden centers. The advice about the best size of plant to choose is invaluable.

Planting in layers and to offer beauty and structure in all seasons is often touched upon in gardening books, but Susan explains it precisely and in easy to follow terms.

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Designing Front Yards Ebook