Negative slope but no issues

by Dave

I bought a house last year with a negative slope back yard going to a positive slope in the front yard. House inspection showed no leakage stains in foundation on inside of basement. The house is 1975 built. We recently renovated the basement and confirmed we found no staining, mold smells, etc.

The back yard is rife with huge Elm tree roots.

Should I be concerned even after all these decades of improper water drainage? I don't even know if i have a sump pump.

I ask as we are planning on redoing the back yard landscaping and are investigating the need to put in a french drain.



Wherever the grade is pitched towards your house, it should be graded away at a minimum of 2% or 1/4" per foot. An alternative would be to put in french drains. You are lucky that you have had no damage so far, but as long as you are re-landscaping, for peace of mind, I would address this.

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