NJ Law Regarding Changing Property Drainage Between Neighbors

(Northern New Jersey)

Is there some regulation in NJ stating that there should be spacing between new sidewalk slabs and property line on my neighbor's property so that water runoff from my neighbor's property drains into space next to their sidewalk slabs?

They left outside water on and hose split causing 2 inches of water to collect in my yard as neither of us knew the split hose was flooding ...The owner rents out to members of her family and to others on the 2nd floor.

I've spoken to her about the huge sidewalk slabs she already had put down where her hose is located, coming right to the property line....there was no downspout above at the spot the large slabs were lain, so I asked if she intended to lay more slabs as she had already done..and explained how the water was draining off into my yard.

I would like to have a good relationship with neighbors, but since I spoke with her... at the back of my yard, two more slabs have been put down right on the property line at a spot where they intend to cook out.

The cookout area is right behind my storage unit and when I moved into my home over 40 years ago, I had bridal wreath planted from front to back of my yard along my property line leaving some space between our properties ...there is the neighbor's dividing aluminum fence 4 ft in height between us which was there when I bought the house and when the current neighbors bought the house.

I hope that sparks from the cookout area don't catch onto the storage unit or bushes, but am upset that after her agreeing with me about the spacing, she had more slabs put down. What is my position at this point?

I don't want to be monitoring what they do along the property line and I certainly cannot build up my property to align evenly with theirs, although I don't believe that would help keep their water drainage off my property. Thank you.

To put in simply, I believe in most NJ townships that you are not allowed to change the grade or do anything to create a situation where more water drains on to your neighbor's property than before you made the change. Call your the zoning department in your town to verify this.

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