Compare Pavers to Concrete

Here is helpful information if you want to compare pavers to concrete. Although they both have there pros and cons and listed below, there are four main areas to take a look at. These are the looks, costs, maintenance and longevity.

Three Main Points

Of course you have to like the look. However, if you like pavers more than concrete, read on to see how you can really make concrete quite exciting.

Concrete will always be less expensive than pavers. However, how much less costly depends on the square footage of your walkway, patio or driveway.

The worst maintenance nightmare is concrete cracking. The colder the climate where you live, the more chances it will crack.



paver designs - pros and cons
  • Numerous colors and patterns

  • Easy installation
  • No cracking of joints
  • Bluestone look available
  • Coordinating decorative block
  • Easy repair


concrete designs - pros and cons
  • Less expensive
  • Solid color looks good with walls
  • Can acid wash for interesting look
  • Can add custom color to the concrete



  • Can get weeds in joints
  • More expensive
  • More difficult to match with other materials


  • Cracking can occur
  • Plain look (unless you stamp or pattern it)

More On Pavers

Paver That Look Like Bluestone

Here are some pavers that look just like bluestone...very realistic. Read more about them, see some photos and learn about costs.

Some of My Favorite Pavers

Read about some of my specific paver recommendations.

Coordinating Walls

Here are a few pictures of block walls that coordinate with pavers. (There are some beautiful stone wall photos too.)

This photo shows the mosaic pattern which I like the best.

More on Concrete

Adding Color and Patterns

All about adding color, creating patterns and stamped concrete.

Exciting Walkways

Tips and ideas for creating concrete walkways.

Exciting Photos

See more concrete patio pictures for more ideas. Also visit the Scofield website for even more ideas.

For more help, here are some of my ebooks for you to take a look at. They have been a source of great professional information for many of my visitors.

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If you'd like help with your patio, take a look at my ebook on patio designs. Choose from many of my professional layouts or modify them!

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