Bluestone Patio Costs
What Is the Pricing For This Design?

Did you ever wonder what the bluestone patio costs would be for a patio? If it goes well with your house, and there aren't many houses that it does not, my first choice for clients would be to use bluestone. I would recommend dry laying it. This type of installation holds up better over the long term than setting the bluestone in concrete, especially in areas that have freeze-thaw conditions. It is also much less expensive.

So how much would a simple bluestone patio cost?

Here is an uncomplicated patio. Currently it is old brick with some large bluestone slabs set into it. Sounds funky? It is, a bit, but that's ok. I know this patio very well!

The size is 10' x 20' which equals 200 square feet. If I take an installed bluestone price of around $20/sf, that comes to about $4000.

It’s not huge, but not really small either. You might be surprised what fits on it. There are two large wicker comfortable chairs and a 48" dining table with four chairs. There is also room for some additional seating if need be, along with some potted plants.

If you wanted to jazz it up a bit, a seat wall could be added to it, or even a pergola.

Since the square footage of the patio is not that large, if different materials were used instead of bluestone, there is not a huge difference in costs, except if you were to use concrete.

Here are some costs for this patio using other paving materials.

*Brick $3600
*Pavers $3000
*Concrete $1600

Other hidden costs for this project might be:

*drainage, since the area is very flat
*lawn repair

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