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Paver Contractors Are Not All Created Equally!

We all would like our landscape project to not only come out great, but also flow smoothly. Scheduling should go along as expected, pricing should be fair, and there should be a foreman at the project to see that work is done as expected.

Any paver contractors you hire to lay your concrete, bluestone, pavers, brick, or travertine pavers should have the experience and expertise to do an excellent job.

However, how do you go about making sure this all happens? There are certain things you can do along with the right questions to ask the paver contractors you are considering.

  • Recommendations
    The first place to start is by getting recommendations. Ask people you know if they have used any landscape companies recently that they were happy with. You can also ask them if they know of anyone who had a paving project done or if they saw one they liked in the area.

  • How long they have been in business?
    Someone just starting out may not have the experience needed. However, you might run across someone who is starting a new business but has worked for other companies for many years.

  • Ask for at least three references.
    Call or email the clients to see if they were happy with the workmanship and if they were satisfied with them. If people are happy with the paver contractors they used, they will usually be glad to talk about their experiences.

  • Ask about guarantees.
    How long are they for and what parts of the work do they include. One year guarantee should be the minimum.

  • Ask to see one or more projects actually installed by the paving contractors.
    These should be projects that are similar to your project. For example, if you are contemplating a paver patio, this is the type of project you should look at.

The following is very important!

Ask who in the company actually did the work. Sometimes it is the owner who installs the paving stone.

However, you do not want a situation where you see a project done by a worker who is no longer with the company. What good is that?

  • Get quotes from at least two different paving contractors.
    Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Take a look at the breakdown and see if there is anything one paving contractor included that the other did not. If so, ask for the proposal to be adjusted.

  • You don't want numerous "extras" to surface.
    There are some things to look for that might be left out of the contract. Lawn repair is one item. If it is in the proposal, is seed or sod specified? Another item is fill. If grading is to part of the job and fill is needed, has it been included? Drainage is another item which is often left open. At least get an amount that would be the maximum charge. What if the paving contractors use their machinery and hit rock? How do they charge for large rock removal?

  • Is the owner or a foreman on site everyday?
    If not, how often does he come by? You want someone to be available who can answer any questions you might have. In addition, you should be kept abreast of scheduling and any problems that might arise.

  • Ask for a start date.
    You might ask for a range with the worst case scenario. Hopefully, the company will be honest and the dates you get will be realistic.

  • Ask how long they think the project will take.
  • ojects at the same time? Now, this is a little tacky, but I have seen it done. Have the contractor give you a finish date with the stipulation that if it goes beyond that date, you will get a discount off the agreed upon price. This can be put into the contract.This is particularly effective for swimming pool projects.

  • And lastly, is their pricing accurate?
    I cannot tell you how many times I have saved my clients money by catching errors in the estimate. You have to review the proposal meticulously to find errors, but it can definitely save you a lot of money. See Paving Costs

Follow all of the above steps when considering which paver contractors you might hire. It will make a difference in both the outcome of the project and having it run smoothly.

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