A Waterfall Spillway and Pond

The waterfall spillway in this pond project is very dramatic as it has multiple waterfalls spilling into the pond. As this video shows, this was a perfect location for this due to the change in elevation.

A waterfall always looks more natural when it is starting at a higher area. There are actually two waterfalls in the front and another towards the rear.

The height of the waterfall will depend on how high the land behind it is. The waterfall can be anywhere from six inches high to many, many feet. The higher the waterfall display, the more dramatic it will be. <I>However, it is more important for the height to work naturally with the land.

The waterfall pool can be small or large. Edge it with stones and plants. Add Koi fish if you like! Use a lot of plants to the rear of the waterfall. Trees, shrubs and perennials all help to make the water feature look as though it belongs in the landscape.

If, possible, remember to orient the waterfall so that it is easily viewed from your house, patio, or other important areas in your landscape. Alternatively, you may place it in an area which becomes more of a destination. Here the waterfall is only seen once you arrive there.

The waterfall in the video above was designed for my clients in New Jersey and is one of my favorites. It looks like it was always there - it was tucked into the wood edge. Attractive woodland trees form the background and additional plants were added along other areas of the pond. And...the clients can see the waterfall from many areas of their property.

When you create your waterfall, it is best to keep a couple of things in mind.

  • Place the waterfall display where your land is higher. This will integrate the water feature with the land.
  • A good approach is to have the stone that the water is actually falling over to be large and somewhat flat.
  • Use large rocks and vary the sizes.
  • Place a tall boulder in an upright position to break up any monotony and add interest.

You can also add fish and plants to your pond. For fish, a pond should be at least two feet deep.

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