Water Garden Waterfall & Backyard Ponds

A water garden waterfall is probably the most popular addition to ponds. For many people it is simply an assumed part of a water feature design. Although not for everyone, outdoor pond waterfalls have many benefits...and they really are captivating!

Types of Waterfalls

Pond waterfalls create excitement to a landscape design. They can be designed in many styles, from a natural look to something formal. A water garden waterfall incorporated into a natural pond can be made of beautiful boulders.

A water garden waterfall near a pool.

Moss rock is exceptionally attractive if your pond has a fair amount of shade. But the important thing is to try to have the rock selection and placement copy nature...those that do this have the most striking results.

Formal outdoor pond waterfalls are typically devised with a geometric shape. They often tumble over a straight edge, or the water can even come out of a fountain. Take a look at this formal pond with a lion's head fountain!

A waterfall in your garden can be designed to suit your tastes, but it should fit in with your landscape...the style, property size, purpose, etc. They can be large, small, high or low. You can add a small stream with waterfalls that leads to a pond or have a small pool that spills over into a larger pond. Here are some great waterfall pictures

Please visit my page on waterfall designs to learn more about how to choose the right stone and placement for great results.

Pond Waterfalls and Noise Reduction

Well, not really noise reduction as much as noise distraction. If you have a problem with noise from nearby roads or other annoyances, you may want to build a waterfall into your water garden.

The sound of falling water can also provide you with a bit of privacy. Have you ever sat in your garden with a friend and felt like everyone on the street could hear your conversation? Or wished you couldn't hear the neighbors talking? A waterfall can distort nearby conversations just enough so that they are not clear enough to be understood.

Aside from the advantage of noise reduction, what could be nicer than listening to the sound of a water? Experiencing an outdoor pond waterfall certainly adds to the total landscape ambiance.

Pond Aeration

Water falling introduces extra oxygen into your pond. This is a benefit to the health of your fish. If you have pond fish, adding a waterfall will allow you to keep more fish in a smaller water garden.

Waterfalls Provide Water Clarity

Waterfalls are typically powered by a small submersible pond pump. The pump that runs your waterfall can be used to feed a pond filter. Filters help control algae and fish waste that can lead to murky or green water.

Many people are afraid of ponds. They think they will be a lot of work. However, pumps and filters provide ease of mainenance. Upkeep a couple of times a year should be all that is needed...of course you will have to feed the fish!

Adding a pond waterfall to your landscape design will bring you tranquility and years of enjoyment.

One last note

....when designing your water garden waterfall, it is best to integrate it well into the terrain of your land, by making sure it is placed at an elevation higher than your pond. This adds to the natural look. Designing in this way is more important for a naturalistic pond and waterfall than a formal pond. You might also like to read about the Pondless Water Feature

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