The Pondless Water Feature

A pondless water feature is a great way to have a waterfall without an actual pond. For many homeowners this is a better option than having a true pond.

These water features can be a very creative and typically include rocks and boulders set at the edges, flowing water, and one or many waterfalls in the design.

It can even look like a stream, the difference being it does not end in an actual pond, but in decorative stone.

There are many advantages to a pondless water feature.

  • One of the main features is the safety feature. This is often a concern for families with small children. No area has more than a few inches of water, as opposed to a regular landscape pond which is typically two feet deep, particularly if fish are to be living in it.
  • You can easily turn pondless waterfalls on or off. If you are going out or away, or simply are not going to be outside, just turn it off. It can also be put on a timer.
  • Maintenance is minimal. Aquascape, which offers a pondless waterfall, also offers RainXchange, which allows you to use rainwater when you have to add water.
  • Another great aspect is that they can be converted into a regular pond at a later time, so that fish and plants can be enjoyed if you wish.
  • This type of water feature can also be designed to take up less space than a typical pond since there is no actual pond.

Take a look at this video which will give you a good idea of how it works and how lovely one can be.

How Does This Water Feature Work?

Water from the falls seep into gravel or decorative pebbles at the bottom of the water feature. From here it gets pumped back up to the top, flowing back down again. Simple! There are some parts to it such as the filter, pump etc. which make up the pondless waterfall kits.

Placement Of The Pondless Water Feature

1. Place it in the landscape as a focal point, with planting beds all around. Place an outdoor bench nearby so that you can sit and enjoy watching it and hearing the sound of the water.

2. Install in a cozy corner of your garden.

3. Have it end right up against a patio design. Then whenever you sit outside on the patio, you will be able to enjoy it closeup. See Patio Ponds

Landscape Plants Near the Pond

Use a mixture of perennial flowers, shrubs, and if you have the room, even an ornamental tree. Plan for all season color. Be as elaborate or creative as you like...include some ornamental grasses, such as Fountain Grass or Japanese Blood Grass. These always look great near water.

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