Star Magnolia
Great Varieties and Tips

Star Magnolia is a small ornamental tree. There are not a lot of small trees is a great choice for those tight spots. But that is not this Magnolia tree's only asset! It has lots of great features.

Each variety is a little different but the following are typical of the Star Magnolia.

  • It has lovely white (except for Magnolia Jane - see below) flowers in the spring and is an early bloomer.
  • It's shape is lovely.
  • It will take a fair amount of shade.
  • Very nice fall color - copper and yellow.

Here are two varieties that I would recommend. I like them because of their small sizes. One has white flowers and the other has pink flowers.

Royal Star Magnolia

This Magnolia has white flowers.

  • Plant Zones 4A to 8B
  • Height 8' to 10'
  • Width 6' to 8'
  • Sun Conditions Partial shade or partial sun to full sun

Magnolia Royal Star has delicate white flowers and blooms early.

Many trees like full sun, but if you have a somewhat shady spot, consider this very pretty tree.

See below as to the many places to use these small trees. Many properties just don't have the room for large trees so this is a great choice.

Magnolia Jane

This Magnolia is small and has pink flowers.

  • Plant Zones 3A to 7A
  • Height 10' to 15'
  • Width 6' to 10'
  • Sun Conditions Partial shade or partial sun to full sun

I just love the color of the flowers on this tree...they are so striking.

Notice that this Magnolia Jane will grow in some different plant zones than Magnolia Royal Star.

Also, it is a bit larger. And its pink flowers are gorgeous!

Where To Use These Magnolia Trees

I happen to love trees near the front door. They are so welcoming and it gives you or guests something pretty to look at as you near the entrance to your home.

Depending on the layout of your house, you might use one in the following locations:

  • Using it right in the foundation planting works well if your bed is wide enough. Assuming the tree will get to be about 7 feet wide, the area of your bed where you plant the tree will have to be just as wide. Place the tree about 4 feet away from your house to allow for growth.
  • Placing it on the far side of your walkway is another option. It can be incorporated into a planting bed or just be placed in the lawn. If placed in the lawn and you would like to place a bed just around the tree, the bed should be about 4 feet in diameter. So make sure the lawn in between the bed and the walkway is wide enough to mow.
  • Group three of them at a house corner. This will put on quite a show when in flower! Also, it will help to frame your sure to balance the other corner with 1 to 3 trees that look well with the Magnolias.

These are wonderful trees to add to your landscape. The Magnolia Jane is particularly unique with its beautiful pink flowers.

If you'd like to learn about trees in more detail, such as which are my favorites and the best ones to use, take a look at my ebook Trees For Landscaping.

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