Flowering Plum Tree

The Flowering Plum tree is very pretty small ornamental tree. The botanical name is Prunus cerasifera. You will probably want a purple leaf variety. It flowers in the spring with small pink flowers. The light pink against the purple leaves is very attractive!

You can see how vivid the red color is in the photos below. The first photo was taken at a house I lived in...I can honestly say I enjoyed this tree almost all year long.

There are a few different varieties of the Flowering Plum tree so I will narrow it down to the best one.

I would recommend the Newport Plum. This purple leaf plum tree is the hardiest one.

The new leaves are a light bronze-purple color but then they change to a reddish/dark purple. The pink flowers cover the tree and is lovely when in full bloom, which is very early in the spring. This tree is also a fast grower.

Special Features

  • very pretty rounded/symmetrical shape
  • reddish purple leaves makes it stand out in the landscape all season long
  • its small size makes it desirable and easy to place

Flowering Plum tree at driveway entrance.

  • Height - 15' - 25'
  • Width - 15 - 20'
  • Plant Zones - 4 - 8
  • Growth Rate - Fast

Where To Use The Purple Leaf Plum Tree

This tree is lovely as a focal point. You can do this by placing it out in the lawn. You can use just one, but if you have the space, you can stagger them across the lawn and use three. Place two a little closer together and one further away in a triangular design.

This Plum tree is small enough to also use at a house corner. Place it about 10 feet away from the house to allow room for growth. This is very doable in a design as you can sweep the bed around it and add plants behind the tree as a background. You can also add plants in front of it.

Place it near your patio where it will not only be nice to look at from the patio and inside your house, but also will provide some shade.

Use one at your driveway entry or use two on either side for a more symmetrical look. They can be used alone, or you can create a planting bed around them with shrubs and perennials.

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