All About the Weeping Cherry Tree

The Weeping Cherry tree is one of those ornamental trees that is a true focal point. Its striking, weeping form makes it different than other trees in the landscape. It pink flowers in the spring are beautiful!

There is a Cherry tree festival in Washington D.C. which is known for the breathtaking display of Cherry trees. These are not the weeping trees...they are the upright Yoshino cherries, but the flowers are the same or similar.

The weeping cherry tree has has a lovely shape.

This flowering tree is very graceful and has single pink flowers which appear in early spring. They start out a deep pink, then get lighter, and by the end they are almost white.

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The Weeping Higan Cherry which is prunus subhirtella 'pendula' (weeping), have the following traits:

  • very tolerant of the cold, heat and stress
  • they are long lived
  • this tree is a very fast grower
  • looks great even when not in flower...a real show piece!

I would place one of these in a prominent position on your property. It might be near a patio, near a pond, out in the open lawn, or near your front door on the other side of your walkway.

These are all places where the tree can be seen and stand out as a specimen and the focal point it deserves to be.

Here is the Cherry tree in leaf.

Weeping Cherry Tree in Leaf

It can be either placed in a bed with other plants, such as low evergreen shrubs or colorful perennials, or it can be place alone. When use alone, you should consider creating a bed around it which is at least 4 feet in diameter so that the trunk does not get hit by the lawn mower.

Another way to use this tree is to place it where there are tall evergreen trees behind it. This is a great way to make the beautiful form stand out even further as it will have a nice dark green background.

Weeping Higan Cherry Information

  • Height 20' - 30'
  • Width 15' - 25'
  • Plant Zones 5 - 9
  • Growth Rate Fast

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