Japanese Red Maple Tree
'Bloodgood' - One of My Top Choices

The Japanese Red Maple tree is one of the prettiest ornamental trees and there are so many varieties of this type of tree. Some have green foliage while the leaves on others are red. The variety 'Bloodgood' is a red-leaf variety and the red color remains during spring, summer and fall.

You can see how vivid the red color is in the photos below. The first photo was taken at a house I lived in...I can honestly say I enjoyed this tree almost all year long.

Special Features of Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood'

  • lovely rounded shape with tends to weep ever so slightly
  • very pretty serrated red leaves...if leaves can have a personality, these do!
  • it is a rather small tree and can be easily incorporated into the landscape
  • beautiful small red fruits
  • great fall color - the red is even more striking

Whether out in the open or placed with an evergreen tree behind it (so that the color really pops) this tree is definitely one of my favorite ornamental trees.

Tree Information

As you can see, this tree does not get that large. Many homeowners search for small landscape trees due to limited space or to place in an area where a larger tree just won't fit.

I can't imagine a place where this tree would not look great. It is really one of my favorites. I know, I have so many, but this is definitely at the top of my list.

  • Height 15'
  • Width 15 - 25'
  • Plant Zones 5 - 9
  • Growth Rate Medium

Landscaping With Japanese Maples

  1. The Japanese Red Maple tree definitely works best as a focal point. I would only use one due to its striking color...more than one would be overkill.

  2. It may be placed at a driveway entry.

  3. Place it out in the open lawn where it can really be seen.

  4. Locate it near the front door. What a welcoming sight!

  5. It would also be nice near a patio to be enjoyed during the spring, summer and fall. It has a very pretty branching structure and shape so provides winter interest too.
  6. A great location also is in front of a group of evergreen trees. For example, if you have a row of trees for privacy, place a Japanese Maple in front of them...very showy!

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