Stamped Concrete Driveways
The Good and the Bad

I'll be honest...I would not choose a stamped concrete driveway.This is

mainly for the reason that there is always the possibility of it cracking.

However, there is one other reason.

You are probably thinking about this option since you have seen nice patterns that might even resemble stone. The problem with this is that construction joints must be used to help prevent cracking. These joints are lines that go across the concrete and usually break up the lovely stone pattern. They are long lines and unless they are hidden, they are very obvious and really stand out.

One reason you might consider this however, is due to costs. You may not want just a plain driveway, such as asphalt, and with stamped concrete you can create some patterns in the driveway...this would be less expensive than an all paver driveway, for example.

  • There are many types of stamped concrete patterns that you can use. I prefer the ones that are geometric so the construction joints can be camouflaged in the design.
  • You can use designs that mimic bluestone, brick or other stones with straight outlines.
  • Often the concrete is colored to help "authenticate" the stone look.
  • For example, if you were to use a brick design, most likely the color would be dark like actual brick pavers. Patterns that look like bluestone would be blue/gray and lighter.

However, another nice look is to not use stamped concrete at all and get a bit more creative. Use asphalt, loose stone, or tar and chip, but add some details. This might be a paver or granite area at the entry, known as the driveway apron. You can also edge the driveway with pavers, granite laid flat, or belgian block curbing.

These ideas would most likely, dpending onhow extensive the details are, be less costly than stamped concrete and still provide a great look.

Here are some other driveway paving pictures and information using other materials to consider.

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Stamped Concrete Driveway

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