Help With Patio Sizes

Patio sizes are determined by what needs to fit on your patio and how spacious you would like it to be. Such things you might want to include on your patio might be a dining table and chairs, lounge or club chairs, a fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor cooking area. Once you decide what is to be included, you can design your patio.

Pictures, Sizes and Examples

If you just want something simple with room for some dining furniture, a good size would be either 10' x 15' or 15' x 15'.

  • This patio is 10' x 20'.
  • It accommodates a 48" dining table and 4 chairs.
  • It also has on it a large club chair, rocking chair and coffee table.
  • There is plenty of room for access, plants, and it would even fit a small bench.

  • The above patio is 16’ x 24’ up to the seat wall area.

  • A 72” dining table and chairs along with two lounges fit nicely with room to spare.

  • The seat wall provides extra seating and it is a nice patio feature.

Patio Design Tips

The above information will give you a general idea of size. However, the best thing to do if you want to make sure your patio will be large enough is to draw it out on paper. Draw a general shape you like, and then place your patio features. Some things to remember...

  • Leave access for doors, walkways, open areas, etc.
  • There should be about two feet of space behind dining chairs when pulled out so you can walk around them.
  • Very large patios can be divided into separate spaces. Seat walls are great for this as seen in the above design.

Sizes of Furniture, Firepits and Other Features

Here are some standard sizes that can be useful when planning your patio size.

Dining Table and Chairs

60" round - fits 6 - 8 people

48" round - fits 4 - 6

42" round - fits 4 - 5

Lounge Chairs

6 feet long x 2 feet wide


3 -4 feet in diameter

Outdoor Cooking Area

This can be a multitude of sizes. I would say to figure 2' x 6' as a minimum.

If you want to have some fun, download Google Sketchup.This free software will let you draw quicly in 3D and let you include patio furniture and other items.

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Patio Sizes

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