Interesting Patio Shapes and Layouts

Confused about patio shapes? Do you want a curved or straight patio? Either one can have a great look. The layout itself can be a nice design and creative, but you can also add some pizzazz to it with certain add-ons.

Why not combine two different shapes?! As you can see in the above image, the upper patio starts off very straight. However, it then leads down to a round patio which has a seat wall and planters.

Take a look at this design which is a curved patio shape. But where is it located? Not in the backyard, but in the front yard. Why not use your front yard too? A charming and cozy sitting area was created off the front walkway. The patio is bluestone and it has a stone seat wall, which is 21" high and ends with boulders. There is space for some casual chairs and a fountain is tucked into the planting bed.

This patio is about 19' x 14' but it varies due to the irregular shape.

This is rather loose in shape. You can also create pure circles which can be interesting, as seen in the first photo at the top of the page. Circle designs work well in the central area of round designs. These are round patterns set into the rest of the paving.

If you prefer a more geometric design, or if your area seems to work best with this, the patio design can be just as interesting as a curvy one. This patio has so much going on! There are actually two separate patio areas.

The larger of the two spaces is about 24' x 24' which is large enough to fit in all that the clients wanted.

There is a pergola, seat wall, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, dining table and other sitting areas. Because the kitchen is above the ground by about two feet, steps are necessary. There is one step down to the patio from inside the house and then there are a few steps leading down to the ground level.

If you are worrying about a patio design, don't! This ebook will show you how to have that patio you really want. For more interesting patio ideas, pictures and professional designs, take a look.

Patio Shapes and Plans Ebook
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Patio Shapes

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