Backyard Landscape Designs
A Beautiful Residential Project

This is one of my extensive backyard landscape designs with many beautiful features! I was contacted by these clients to improve a stream and waterfalls that had been installed.

Upon taking a good look around with them, other suggestions were made to improve the landscape design. Many are shown in the pictures below.


This photo shows the "before" picture of the backyard landscape. The stream and waterfalls are totally stark with no softness! This was designed by a pool company.

Yikes! Not only is the outdoor staircase leading down the side of the house unattractive, but it is also very uncomfortable as you descend. There are no breaks and the steps themselves are of poorly designed tread depths to riser heights for landscape steps.


Here is the landscape re-designed. Although it's hard to see all of the great details, you can still get an overview and see that it's an improvement over what was there before. It was a huge project and the landscaping cost was also!

New Outdoor Staircase

bluestone stircas and walls

This  is  one  of  the photos of the re-designed staircase. There are multiple, circular landings which provide breaks in the long staircase: they also add interest and some creativity as you descend. Plants on either side add greenery and color to soften the hardscape.

Circular Landings

Sotne steps in concrete

As one walks down the bluestone steps, the view to the stream and waterfalls can be enjoyed as can the open scenery beyond. Although not shown in the photo, the level at the bottom of the steps also has a lovely terraced area.

This was created by bringing in fill to level the area and also creating a large retaining wall. This can be done in backyard landscape designs that are on a slope where a more level area is desired.
See landscape retaining walls

Stone Side Walls

Bluestone treads and stone risers.

This is the view looking up from the lower level if you were to walk up the steps. A beautiful retaining wall was designed and installed on the left to lessen the slope from the house towards the bluestone walkway.

See stone garden walls to see pictures of different types of walls that can be created with stone.

Plantings at the Stream

Water feature and flowers

And...the backyard waterfalls. This is where the backyard waterfall starts at the top of the slope. The homeowners now enjoy this water feature as they sit on the small patio. The stream ends in a small pond/pool which they have made into a mini swimming pool, where they can wade! They tell me they spend almost every summer evening here and truly love it.
See waterfall designs

Plantings at water.

And what are backyard landscape designs without perennial gardens? Lush perennials are on either side of the stream. They provide color throughout the season so that there is always something blooming. Roses, Ornamental Grasses, Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Coneflower, and Lambs Ear are just a few.

Hydrangea at the stream.

Annabelle Hydrangea are placed in a group to show off their large, white flowers. Landscape boulders are used throughout the gardens and tie in nicely with the stone walls. Boulders look nice with bluestone too.

Various walkways go through the rear yard leading to different parts of the back yard landscape. There are sitting areas in different places, another beautiful fountain, a patio fire pit, and more backyard gardens.

If you are interested in a backyard design or some coaching, just contact me!

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