What Does This Paver Walkway Cost?

You may be surprised that I am talking about the paver walkway cost for this design as I’ll bet you assumed it was brick! No, it’s actually pavers! Brick was chosen originally, but the client decided they wanted pavers instead and these certainly could fool many in thinking they are brick.

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What’s the difference between pavers and brick? Brick is a natural material made form clay, while pavers are man-made out of concrete.

So let’s get on with the pricing! Read on to find out the cost of this walk in pavers, bluestone or concrete. Actual brick would be just a bit more than the paver price.

How Much Do You Think This Paver Walkway Costs?

The "Before" Picture

Even though there are steps and side boulders, the cost was kept down due to the fact that this is not a long walk. It’s only about 13 feet long until you get to the steps and then of course, you have the nice landing prior to reaching the porch.

Notice how the bluestone treads are done in one piece. This is a nicer look than having separate stones.

Cost of Walkway

Pavers $3000

Bluestone $3600

Concrete $2000

Some re-grading had to be figured in as I adjusted the slope and number fo steps which you can see if you compare the Before and After pictures.

This was an older Tudor home with some nice existing plant material. New plants were added and overall everything blended nicely.

I think this walk would have looked nice in any paving material, even concrete if you wanted to save some money. The concrete could be colored to add interest and perhaps the bluestone could still be used to spice it up a bit.

Confused about which paving material to use?
See my comparisons!

Pavers and Concrete
Pavers and Bluestone
Pavers and Brick
Brick and Bluestone

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