Driveway Courtyard Costs

Driveway courtyard costs can vary greatly with different paving materials. There are also different types of courtyard designs. There might be a circle with a cut out in the center. Another option is to have a square area that is all paved. There are other configurations possible, but these are the two most common.

Different pricing for a driveway courtyard

Driveway Courtyard in Granite Cobblestones

So let’s talk about a circular driveway with a central area such as the one pictured above. This center might be planted, it might have a fountain or other feature, or it might be a combination of these ideas.

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The size of the courtyard circle must be at least 70 feet in diameter. The central area which is not paved can be different dimensions, but must allow for a minimum width in the paved area of 10 to 12 feet. It is also advisable to allow space for two cars at the front door area so that one car can park and the other can pass.

To determine the costs of the courtyard, we must start with how much square footage of paved materials there will be. Assuming the above scenario, I’ll take the area of the courtyard and subtract the center space. This leaves us with a paved area of about 2500 square feet. Your design might be less or more depending on the exact layout and size of the inner area.

And this is exactly the setup for this driveway courtyard design below.

Here are the basic driveway courtyard cost options for the driveway discussed above in various paving types.

  • Tar and Chip $3750
  • Asphalt $6250
  • Concrete $17,500
  • Pavers $37,500
  • Granite $55,000
    Note: Reclaimed granite is much more expensive, but beautiful.

These large numbers are due to the extensive size that the courtyard actually is. Take a standard driveway that is 50 feet long and 12 feet wide (plus extra for the garage area, but I won’t calculate that right now). That comes to 600 sf+. So for pavers, this driveway would be $9000 and for asphalt it would be only $1500!

With any of these paving materials, you can also consider adding on Belgian Block curbing, which is a raised granite stone edging. This is a particularly nice choice if you use tar and chip because, although not necessary, it finishes it off nicely.

Expect the cost for Belgian Block curbing in a courtyard to be about $6000. Historical granite is more.

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