Driveway Dimensions

Driveway dimensions are one of the most important aspect of your layout. What good is a beautiful design if it doesn’t work well?

Here is information of what I use when I am providing a design for a client and that function correctly.

Basic Driveways

Width 9 – 12 feet

Width for two cars – minimum 18 feet

Driveway is 12 feet wide

I like the look of more narrow driveways so opt for 9 to 10 feet if it makes sense for your vehicles and design.

I rarely design driveways to be wide enough to fit two cars at the street entry. The only time this is acceptable is when you have a short driveway leading to a double garage.

Driveway Courtyards


70 feet diameter (minimum)

Square or Rectangle  

55 feet across

This is an actual parking court with no cutouts. It is all paved. If you have the budget, use pavers or cobblestones (even better!) for an old world European look.

Courtyard area at fountain is 70 feet across

This sounds large, but it is actually what you need.

Center may be cut out for plantings, water feature, lawn, etc. Cutouts are typical.

The driveway width as you drive around the circle cut out should be at least 10 feet.  If you use 10 feet, double that near the front door so that another car can park or pass through.

Another option is to make the entire width 20 feet wide for two cars to fit side by side.

Parking Areas

9 feet x 18 feet for one car

Top part of drawing is the garage. Zoom in to see driveway dimensions.

Be sure to leave room for back out. This can be within the driveway area. However, take into consideration if additional cars may be parked there.

Pullout/Back Out Areas

30 – 35 feet   Back out distance from garage

The longer distance will enable you to more easily back out and drive forward to the street.

I would say a minimum of 35 feet from the garage would be comfortable driveway turnaround dimensions.

You can also create areas that double as back out and additional parking.

Driveway Entry Radius

10 – 15 feet

This is the arc along the driveway edges where the driveway meets the street. It can be larger than 10 feet, but not smaller.

Garage Turning Radius

10 – 15 feet

If you have a side entry garage and the driveway leads from the front, it will have to turn towards the garage.  10 feet is the minimum  radius.

Here is an infographic on this topic.

Driveway dimensions chart

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