Creating a Front Courtyard Landscape Design

A front courtyard landscape design can be something interesting and different to have. This might be a large part paved area as part of your entryway or can also be a more intimate sitting area. There is no reason not to use your front yard and enjoy it!

Front Entry Area

This can be a large area near your front door which is made important by being surrounded by plantings. There are so many ways to design this, but you may want to include some of the following.

  • Fountain - the size should be in scale with the surroundings. A small cottage-like house could use a simple, sweet water feature, while a large house would need something larger and more important.
  • Sculpture - as with the courtyard fountain, think carefully about its size.
  • Pots of plants in corners - you may like a completely open feel. If so, placing plants at the corners of the courtyard will emphasize it and add vertical elements.

Front Yard Sitting Area

Perhaps your front yard just lends itself to a nice sitting area. The above image shows a charming courtyard landscape design and includes a patio, a seat wall, a small fountain, privacy plantings, shrubs, and perennials. It is close to the front walkway for easy access.

Most people like privacy when they sit outside and this is even more important in the front yard. Also, the space becomes more intimate if there is a sense of enclosure. There are a few ways that these two elements can be created.

  • Plants can add the seclusion that is wanted. You can use large shrubs that get to be about 6 feet high or more. You can also use trees. If you have the room, you can layer plants of the front courtyard landscape design. Place tall plants (or trees) further away with shrubs and perennials in front of them. You will be able to enjoy color and even fragrance while relaxing but still be screened from neighbors or cars.
  • Fencing can be used also. However, I would plant on both sides of the fencing to soften the look. Tall fencing does not work that well, You would be better off using a lower fence which will create more charm and create a hard, blocked off area of your yard.
  • Walls are a great look. Unless you have a very large and grand home, I would use lower walls. You can make them all seat walls or have the wall heights taller with a low area for a seat wall. The wall material should go well with your house. A wall can end with pillars or boulders (for a more natural look).

Even if your courtyard is more intimate, you can still add a small fountain, sculpture or urns.

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