Brick Driveways

by Scott G.
(Seneca, SC)

Pine Hall Brick Permeable Clay Paver

Pine Hall Brick Permeable Clay Paver

Here's a question about brick driveways and using them on an area that is steep.

I was thinking of redoing my driveway in a tight brick design. But am concerned about traction because of the steepness. Do you feel sticking with poured concrete and trimming in brick or cobble stone is a better bet?


Hi Scott,
Brick actually have very good traction. I like it so much better than concrete. I would go ahead and do it.

I don't know how long your driveway is, but designing it with all brick can get costly. But concrete can crack. You can create some interesting designs using a combination of brick and other materials, such as asphalt, tar and chip, or loose stone.

Driveway aprons,
edgings and combinations (discusses and shows pavers but brick can also be used) are possibilities.

One brick company I like in particular is Pine Hall Brick. They have many choices and I have used some of them. They also have now come out with Brick that is permeable (shown in picture above).

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