Concrete Pool Decking
Inexpensive and Attractive

Concrete pool decking can be a great look. By using some creative ideas, you can have a design that is quite different than the concrete look that is common.

This type of pool paving is affordable relative to other choices. Some very well known pool paving designs have been done using concrete!

Here is a design I provided for a client showing how nice concrete pool decking can be if you use a color other than the typical concrete color.

(Let's forget for a minute that they happen to be on a lake!)

The pool is a simple rectangular design. This was chosen since the homeowner wanted to use an automatic pool cover, and generally rectangular pools are the least complicated for this type of cover.

A vinyl liner pool was chosen....this is much less expensive than gunite pools.

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concrete pool paving with color added

Looking at this pool, you can't even tell this is not a concrete pool and that it has a vinyl liner. You probably would not have known unless I told you.

The swimming pool decking is simple concrete. Well, not so simple. A very attractive color was mixed into the concrete to eliminate the typical concrete color. In addition, a nice concrete patio design was used to give the paving some interest.

A definite concrete pattern was used. It is made up of large geometric squares, which provide an opportunity to place the necessary construction joints right in the pattern so that they are hidden. If you want to see what I mean take a look at the last picture down on my stamped concrete driveway page.

I like large geometric patterns. Create 18" to 36" squares. I nice ideas is to have the pattern be set on the diagonal. Have this diagonal set from your main viewing point, such as the entry to the pool area.

As far as colors go, there are lots of different ones that you can add to the concrete mixture, such as tan, peach, medium gray, and so on. Be sure to add the color to the concrete rather than applying it afterwards.

Other Concrete Pool Decking Tips

  • Have your pool coping as part of the main pool paving. This would be one continuous pour so the pool coping and pool paving are one.
  • Use another color for the concrete pool coping, as in the above video. The coping is done separately.
  • Use stone or pavers for the pool coping.
  • Make sure the pool coping material and any other nearby hardscape materials, including your house, go well together. I am a stickler for this!

Plantings soften all the hardscape of backyard pool designs. In this pool design, they were kept at a low height so that the beautiful lake view could be seen and not blocked.

There are actually three levels to this design. The house is set up very high above the ground, so a deck made sense. As you walk down the deck steps, a patio was designed for a sitting area at this level. The patio is made of concrete pavers. There are additional steps from the patio leading to the concrete pool decking. See additional great concrete patio design pictures.

All areas can view the lovely lake. It's important to consider what you will be viewing when you sit in a particular area of your pool or patio. Why face the house if you have a lovely garden to look at.

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