Concrete Pavers or Bluestone for Patio Design

by Linda

I must tell you that your site is the best web site I have ever visited for complete information!! It is fantastic. I live in Pennsylvania (wished I lived near you because I would hire you) and am getting ready to build a hardscape patio off the back of my home. I live in a two story red brick colonial with some beige siding off the back and some gray cedar off the back. I have been talking to EP Henry contractors and also met with a contractor who promotes the bluestone. Is EP Henry a good manufacturer or should I look at the Cambridge pavers? Also do you like bluestone over the stone pavers? I am so confused!!! Thanks again for your great great site.

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Mar 20, 2015
Bluestone Coping
by: Dave from NY

We have a bluestone patio and have recently re-done our pool as well. The pool has a bluestone coping, but are hesitant to put bluestone around pool as it gets hot and slippery. What choices are out there besides red brick to put in that would match well with the BS?

Dave...Take a look at Techobloc. They have pavers that look just like bluestone and theya re not hot like bluestone.

May 05, 2013
Cambridge bluestone blend
by: Julie

Hey everyone- Do any of you happen to have a picture of a patio done in Cambridge's bluestone blend? I am considering it bc it does actually look pretty good for less money. I'm doing a big patio and would love to do real blue stone, but it's just too costly!
I'd be doing the ledgestone 9x9, 9x18 and 18x18 size.



Nov 14, 2009
Learn About Bluestone | See Project Photos
by: Susan

By the way, there are some pages on this site with detailed information on bluestone:

Bluestone - learn about types of bluestone, wet laid vs. dry laid, and colors

Bluestone Step Pictures - see the difference between full treads and those made of stone pieces

Bluestone Patio Pictures - photos of different blue stone patio projects

Bluestone Walkways - pictures of different types of walks

Mar 04, 2009
Cambridge Ledgestone
by: Susan

Regarding Cambridge's Ledgestone....I have seen that and also materials from other paver companies that attempt to resemble bluestone.

I don't think it does the job. When you see it, it is very fake looking. If someone can't afford bluestone, my opinion would be they would be better off with a tumbled paver.

When I look at the pavers created to look like bluestone, I think "What IS that?" It's not really a paver, and definitely not bluestone....just kind of odd looking.

I appreciate your comment and don't mean to offend.


Mar 03, 2009
Pavers vs. Bluestone
by: Anonymous

I also tend to push bluestone on many of my jobs until I used Cambridge's Ledgestone? Have you seen this product? If you are looking for a product that looks exactly like Bluestone for 1/4 of the price this is a good product to choose. Take a look on their website (would be better to see samples though) it is great looking.


Jun 21, 2008
Bluestone or Pavers - same question
by: Rashmi

Your site is the best. We have done a lot of searching on the net and came across your site and found it to be absolutely amazing. You said you work by e-mail. We live in Plainsboro, New Jersey and want to explore hiring you to work with us and advise us. What is the best way to contact you so we can explore this?

Mar 24, 2008
Bluestone Patios Compared to Concrete Pavers
by: Susan

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for the compliments on my site. I am VERY flattered.
You know, I do provide designs by email. Just an aside in case you are interested.

At any rate, back to your specific questions. I have never used EP Henry, although I know they have a good reputation. I have used Cambridge pavers for many years. They are a good choice, especially the tumbled ones. In addition, they might be less expensive than other manufacturers.

All that being said, I love bluestone. And I particularly love the way bluestone looks with brick. The contrast in color is lovely, as is the fact that bluestone sizes are larger than brick, so that is a nice contrast too. Not that it can't be done, but I have always found it more of a challenge to get a good looking paver pattern and color to go well with brick. choice would be bluestone. However, bluestone will be more expensive. Hmmm, just are from Pennsylvania where much of the bluestone comes from, so maybe there is not that big of a cost difference.

If you decide on bluestone, consider the dry laid method. If done correctly, it turns out great. In addition, you never have to worry about the mortared joints cracking. I'm sure you've probably looked at it, but there is a nice picture on my Patio Designs page. I like working with different regular sized bluestone (geometric) with small joints, say 1/4 inch. When you mix the sizes, the length of joint runs are shorter so there is less chance of skewed joint lines. Hope that's clear.

Bluestone comes in a few different color ranges. Full range is a mixture of shades, which is very nice. All blue is another, where the stones all pretty much match in color and are just blue with no other colors running through.

Again, my choice would be bluestone, regular shapes (geometric), different sizes, dry laid.

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