Travertine Pool Deck

by Janet

We are in the initial design phase of installing a pool in Nantucket, MA. While our local Philly friends absolutely love their travertine pool deck, the stone men out in Nantucket are trying to discourage us from using it. They say the stone is soft, will stain and as we are planning on having a salt water pool, I wonder how travertine will react with that. Any thoughts? Our bluestone patio in Philly gets unbearably hot to the bare foot and we would like to avoid that problem when we build the Nantucket pool.

Most appreciative,


Hi Janet,
The only thing I would suggest your doing more research on is the fact that your pool will be salt water. As far as staining goes, I think anything can stain...and you can put a sealer on it to help protect it. I wouldn't worry about the stone being soft. Besides, if you are dry laying them, they can always be replaced (stains or anything else) if something were to happen. I have even see bluestone with stains.

I do love travertine. However, if the salt water turns out to be a problem, I have a suggestion for you. Typically I would say there is no comparison between natural stone and pavers. However, recently I saw a paver that was amazing.

It is made by Techo-Bloc and it looks just like bluestone. The slabs are large and there are different patterns to choose from. I like the color that looks like bluestone, but it does come in others, such as beige and a brown tone.

The stone is
called Aberdeen. The bluestone color is Azzurro.

I would imagine that they are not any hotter than other pavers.

So check out the salt water issue with a few reputable travertine companies. Also go to the Techo-bloc website and take a look at the pavers I mentioned. I am sure one will work for you.

Also, take a look at my ebook Patio Plans For Inspiration
which has a lot of great ideas which you can use for pool decking, such as seat walls, pergolas, etc.

Good luck with your project. I love Nantucket...was there many years ago.



Thank you so much for your quick response and valuable info. I will continue to research the travertine/saltwater issue along with looking at the pavers you suggest. I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto your website!


I have a new question for you! We have now been intrigued by having an all wood deck (ipe or another durable wood). Have you had experience with this? I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you again,



Hi Janet,
I love Ipe and the other Brazilian woods. Again, I am not sure about it with a salt water pool. More research needed again (unless you have done it already)!

Have you done anymore research on the travertine with salt water? Still a great look and probably about 1/3 the price of Ipe wood.
Btw, I wrote a simple page on Ipe.
Ipe Wood

Details about the different types of stains and how often they need to be applied. (Read my Comments for choices)
Types of Stains


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