Decking Materials and Prices

by Ed

I thank you for your wealth of information on your website. It is one of a kind.

I have found your cost estimates for patio tile/brick/paver, etc to be close to what workers charge here on Long Island, NY.

I wonder if you could give a ballpark figure for decking cost. I am re-decking a 14 year old pine deck and want to use Ipe or Mahagony and am trying to figure a reasonable fee, using a retail lumber cost of about $5 - 6/ square foot. The deck is one level, 3 feet above ground and nearly rectangular, pretty simple layout. Any help is appreciated. EK

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May 07, 2009
Cabot Stain
by: Ed

Thanks again. I have heard Cabot is the first class way to go, and oiling/staining every 2 or 3 years is much more palatable. Happy summer to ya. EK

May 07, 2009
Decking Maintenance and Stains
by: Susan

Hi Ed,
I did some research for a client a couple of years ago regarding the different maintenance methods for woods such as Ipe. Basically there were three ways you could go, depending on the look you want and the upkeep you are willing to do. Also, please visit my page on Ipe Wood.

I received this information from Cabot Stain Company.

1. Australian Timber Oil
This comes in 5 different tones. It should be applied every year. As you mentioned, decking will weather differently depending on the exposure. This is an oil that enhances the natural grain of the wood.

2. Deck Stain
This is oil based and produces more coverage than the oil, giving the wood a more solid look. This should be re-applied every 2 to 4 years.

3. SPF Deck and Fence Stain (by Cabot)
This is more translucent than deck stain and it is water-based. They now have 10 different colors. Once again, depending on the exposure, this might be applied every 2, 3 or 4 years.

You can get more information at their site

Personally, I like natural woods for decking rather than the synthetics.


May 07, 2009
Ipe Wood Prices
by: Ed

Yes it is. I did contact one local deck builder who just this morning quoted me $20,000 for the whole job, translating to about @30 / sf. That's 2 for 2!

I gather that to keep an ipe or mahagony deck in optimal shape oiling or applying a preservative should be done yearly, unless there is excessive sun exposure, necessitating even more attention. Is yearly power washing too harsh for these woods, or is a good brushing with a mild detergent sufficient?

I am a little put off by regular maintenance, but the synthetic products don't look as nice. Still I am not ruling out a Timbertech deck surface (yet). Thanks for the help. Ed.

May 07, 2009
Decking Costs and How To Estimate
by: Susan

Hi Ed,
Glad you are enjoying my site!

Actually, I am not all that familiar with material costs. I am more so with installed projects...materials plus labor. To my recollection, Ipe
is close to $30 per SF installed. Take the length of the deck times the width, including staircase area, and multiply times the cost per SF. I
hope this is what you were asking. If not, let me know.


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