pavers over a raised concrete porch?

by sandi
(Trenton, Ohio)

Can I use pavers over a concrete porch?

Okay I have a very small long but narrow concrete front porch that has one very steep down that actually needs to be two. I thought as long as I am spend the $$$ to have that step fixed I might want to go ahead and spruce up the porch, steps and walkway using pavers. My question is what is the best way to apply them to the existing concrete and how hard is it to do the steps?

I'm thinking maybe just using a matching edging material on the sides of walk way just to tie it all in. Would I just leave the apron of the porch concrete or pave that as well? I'm so confused, I wish I could see some before and after pics of similar projects. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

By the way ...I am in the Cincinnati Ohio area and the concrete is all in good shape other than the huge drop down on the step.
Thanks, Sandi


Hi Sandi,
You can lay pavers on top of the concrete of your porch since it is in good condition. There must be a good pitch for drainage also.

I usually don't recommend laying pavers in concrete (concrete joints) as the nice think about this hardscape material is that it can be dry laid. That being said, you can
still do it or you can use polymeric sand, which hardens. I would rather see a non porous paving material for the joints so that the water does not seep down to the existing concrete and just sit there.

Another issue you might have is that pavers are relatively thick...about two your porch height will be made higher at the finished elevation. Stepping into your house and stepping down your step will both be effected. Now even more height has been created, so the math has to be worked out when creating the two steps that you feel you need.

Creating the steps takes a lot of work and skill. Unless you are that skilled and handy, it is best left up to a competent and experienced contractor.

After figuring out your elevations, if you feel the pavers will not work on your porch, you might consider using a different material which is thinner, such as bluestone. Use bluestone treads for the steps and block risers (for ease of installation, rather than natural stone which is more difficult).

You could also just leave the concrete alone and add bluestone steps with block risers or paver steps with block risers. As you mentioned, edge your walk with the same material, either pavers or bluestone.

There are lots of options depending on your budget.

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