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by Sandra

How To Approach Driveway Edging Regarding Pavers and Belgian Block

We are having an asphalt driveway put in. I had originally chosen to have a 7ft belgian block apron with belgian block on the driveway perimeter. The walkway is going to be Cambridge tumbled 6x9 onyx natural pavers in a running bond pattern.

Due to the crowning on our street and facilitating proper drainage they strongly advised us not to use belgian block without installing drain lines/etc. Due to budget constraints I am resigned to use the onyx paver on the perimeter border. I know this look is very popular, however I am strongly opposed to the "belts" that are formed with the pavers soldiered side by side. It appears to be a strong visual and I LOVE our newly renovated house (soft wicker tone cedar impressions with cottage style windows, white azek trim, maple stained front door) and still want our home to be the focal point. I like a more natural, understated look. Do you have any suggestions other than the paver belts? Do you think a running bond with 2 rows of 4 x 8 on the perimeter would look any better? Thank you so much for any advice!!!!


Hi Sandra,
I see you have put a lot of time and crativity into your driveway design. I like your ideas; I am familiar with both the belgian block and also the specific Cambridge pavers you are going to use.

I'm a little unclear about a few things though. If you could clarify them, I'd love to help.

1. Was the belgian block you were going to use as an edging to originally be raised curbing? Just want to make sure.

2. I am not sure what you mean by "belts".

3. Are you asking if you should use the pavers as a flat, running bond edging either single row or double row? Or another idea?

If you were going to use raised belgian block and now will not due to the drainage constraints, why not use them laying flat as a border? Here's a nice picture. It only shows the flat cobblestone edging next to the cobblestone driveway area and there is concrete on the other side, but I think you can imagine it with asphalt.
Cobblestone Driveway

Here is another informative page.
Driveway Edgings
I'll look forward to your response...once again, like your ideas.


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