Deer Resistant Plants - Rarely Damaged

Are you looking for great deer resistant plants? If you are on this page, there is a good chance those cute deer are eating your plants. I know, it's disheartening, isn't it?

Generally, there are four categories of plants noted for deer damage.

  • Rarely Damaged
  • Seldom Severely Damaged
  • Occasionally Severely Damaged
  • Frequently Severely Damaged

Note: There are no plants that are completely deer proof.

If your property is challenged by deer and you are doing new landscaping, it would be wise to choose deer resistant plants from the Rarely Damaged category. If you are brave, you might select a few which are Seldom Severely Damaged. 

If your are in the midst of a crisis, you can use some of the deer sprays that are available. The sprays need repeated applications, as they can wash away. In addition, new growth that appears after you have sprayed is not protected, so the plant must be sprayed again. You can also put up deer fencing, which must be a minimum of 7' high. 

Here is a list of deer resistant plants which are Rarely Damaged that I would recommend. They have nice features and look nice in the landscape. These are my favorites. 

Deer Resistant Shrubs

Arrowwood Viburnum
These plants will take shade. They have white flowers and beautiful fall color. They are one of the taller shrubs and are nice used in groups.

"Crimson Pygmy' has red leaves and offers nice color in the garden.

Blue Mist Spirea
Deciduous, with a covering of blue flowers in the summer.

Evergreen shrub which is formal. Comes in various heights, from small to large.

Drooping Leucothoe
Evergreen plant fro the shade. White flowers.

Fragrant Sumac
Great fall color.

Japanese Andromeda
Evergreen shrub with early clusters of white flowers.

Japanese Plum Yew
Resembles the English Speading Yew. Stays rather small. Good for a foundation planting if you need plants that are not too tall.

Oregon Grape Holly
Good for the shade. Striking blue berries.

Long season of flowers.

Please see my ebook on Designing With Evergreen Shrubs.

Deer Resistant Perennials

Bleeding Heart
'Exemia' and 'Dicentra' will flower a good part of the season. Low growing and likes shade.

Butterfly Bush
Both tall and low varieties available. Flowers most of the summer. Blue, purple, pink and white colors available. Butterflies!

Catmint plant
Low growing with purple flowers. Long flowering season. One of my favorites!.

Old fashioned perennial. Likes shade. Many are biennial, so look for the perennial variety.

Prolific shade loving plant with continuous yellow flowers. Low growing. Use in a mass in woodsy areas.

Bulb which blooms in the Spring. Early, middle and late Spring varieties. Can multiply.

Fountain Grass
An ornamental grass which is a great one. Very nice and full.

Shade loving ornamental grass.

Japanese Blood Grass
Small grass with red leaves.

Japanese Painted Fern
Very nice low growing fern.

Lamb's Ear
Silver, fuzzy textured leaves. Spiked flowers loved by bees. 

Fragrant perennial with soft, purple flowers.

Lily of the Valley
Shade loving with white bell shaped flowers. Low growing, early bloomer.

Old fashioned shrub like perennial. Showy flowers.

Russian Sage
Purple flowers. Showy when planted in a mass.

Silver Mound
Interesting foliage and color. Mound like shape.

Sweet Woodruff
Shade loving. Very low and delicate. White flowers.

Threadleaf Coreopsis
Repeat bloomer.

Herb. Many varieties. Use 'Creeping Thyme' for between stepping stones. Drought resistant.

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