Best Ideas For an Inexpensive Driveway

by Rob

We need inexpensive ideas for our driveway.

Thanks for your interesting and informative website. I, too, love surrounding myself with nature and beauty. So here's my question... My wife and I are retiring and on a very limited budget and want to sell our old farmhouse that is now in the city. We want to present it the best for potential buyers and have a 180' dirt (mud this time of year) driveway. Is there any way we can make this driveway a little more attractive and "buyer" friendly without spending thousands of dollars? We were thinking of just putting a layer of gravel over it but even the edging seems like it would be prohibitively expensive.
Thanks, Rob


Hi Rob,
Probably what you put into the front you will get back when you sell and if it is done nicely will help you sell the house. I would recommend loose stone and steel edging. That is going to be the least expensive (but still attractive) way to go. Take a look at the second picture down on the page here. That is how the driveway was done. Driveway Edgings

The steel edging is placed in the ground at the edge of the stones but it the top is raised up also to contain the material. This way, everything stays neat...the stones do not tumble over onto any lawn or planting beds.
I hope this helped.

Also take a look at my ebook for other ideas...both for selling and otherwise!

Designing Front Yards


Thanks so much, Susan... this did help. I realized we're looking for the landscape equivalent
of painting the rooms over to present a nice sellable house.
Thanks again for your great website.

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