Trees For Privacy

by Nathan
(Denver, CO.)

choosing trees for privacy

choosing trees for privacy

Here is a question about trees for privacy


I would like to plant four trees next to a fence to block my view of a traffic light. I was thinking that Arborvitae or Skyrocket Juniper might work well. The area faces West to East which would get moderate sunshine. I live in Denver, CO. which would be climate zone 5. I've included a photo where the trees would be planted. Note, planter box would be removed prior to planting the trees. Your professional advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Nathan,
I would go with the Arborvitae as they will take more shade than the Skyrocket Juniper.

I don't know the length of the area, but you might consider using 5 rather than 4 so that it makes more of a longer group as you come around the fence...just a suggestion.

Here are some popular varieties.

Emerald Green
4'w x 15'h

5-8'w x 15'h

4'5'w x 20-30'h

Green Giant
18'w - note:Ignore the width. You can plant them 5 to 6' apart and they will adjust and do fine.

I mentioned Green Giant because this is the fastest growing one out of the group. It grows VERY fast so will give you faster screening.

Whatever the width, (except for Green Giant), plant them that distance apart from each other on center. Water them well for the first few weeks or so. This means a long, deep watering a few times a week. Stand there with the hose (or rest the hose there) and let the hose run at a gentle force for about 40 minutes. This will help to get the roots established.

Dig out the area and add a mixture of fresh topsoil, sand (for drainage) and cow manure - equal parts.

These are very good trees for privacy that will fit into your space nicely.Many other evergreen trees would be too wide for your space, so you came up with some good choices!

You also might be interested in my ebook Trees For Landscaping where I have a lot more detail and pictures on all types of landscape trees...evergreen trees, shade trees, and ornamental trees.

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