Tree for mixed privacy screening

by Jeff
(Evansville indiana)

Hello Susan:we recently lost a twenty foot hemlock to drought that has left a gap in the screening between us and hospital parking lot. the gap has another hemlock on one side and a white pine, 30ft, on the other.other plants along that screening area are Pyracantha, several more white pines and a few varieties of arborvitae.

Susan, what can I use to fill this "hole" that will fit in with those trees,grows fast, and won't create havoc with the power lines30-50ft overhead down the road? I am tired of people getting out of their cars and peering into our yard.

I am an artist, 57, and have designed and built a stunning landscape around our house, but this problem continues to baffle me. Could you give me any suggestions for trees, or other ways to fill the need space?
Thank you very much! Jeff


How wide is the opening right now? There are various trees you can use but if I know the size of the opening, that will help me provide some different trees that will provide the privacy you are looking for.

Without knowing that, some to consider are Norway Spruce, American Holly, additional Arborvitae. There are even some evergreen Magnolias that might work where you live.

If you don't need privacy in the winter, you could also consider some dense, multi-stemmed deciduous trees.

Please let me know the opening width, sun conditions and if year round privacy is important.

Also take a look at my ebook Trees For Landscaping which you will find helpful.


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