Solar Garden Fountains | Pros and Cons

You can place solar garden fountains anywhere! These types of outdoor garden fountains do not use electricity to power the fountain pump. Instead, a solar panel captures the energy from the sun.

The solar panel attaches to a pump and the energy is transferred to run this pump; both the pump and the solar panel can be contained in the fountain so that they won't be seen.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Fountain

Don't have an outdoor outlet? Maybe you just don't want to be bothered by electrical wires. A solar fountain can be a great solution, allowing you to still enjoy the sound and beauty of running water.

A garden fountain using energy in this way has many advantages. The cost of running the fountain will be eliminated. Also, there is no need for an electrical outlet near the fountain, as no conduit needs to be connected. Often homeowners do have an outlet, but it is not in the optimal place for connections to a fountain. At the same time, those that have no outlet at all can still enjoy a fountain in their yards.

A solar garden fountain can be placed anywhere on the property. However, it must be in a sunny location. This is so that the sun can power the solar panel during the day. Yet there is an option if you want your fountain to be in the shade.

You can still use solar energy for your fountain, but the solar panel would not be located in the fountain. While the fountain may be in a shady area, the panel itself would be in the sun. A wire is run from the solar panel to the fountain pump. With a little creativity, the wire can be camouflaged so that you don't see it.

Disadvantages of a Solar Powered Garden Fountain

Energy can only be provided on sunny days. Therefore, if there is cloudy weather, the garden fountain will not operate. This is a true disadvantage.

Although this is a newer (relatively) way of using energy, many people are mystified by how it all works. However, the concept is quite easy and the set up is rather simple.

Solar energy is good for our planet and at the same time is advantageous for homeowners.

If you shop around, you will see the huge varieties of these fountains that are available. They are such a great choice if you have limitations in your yard.

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