All About Bird Bath Fountains

Bird bath fountains are wonderful in the landscape. They are both a type of landscape sculpture and also a water source for birds. It's nice to have one at your patio or near to a window to enjoy our feathered friends.

There are various ways to have a fountain, many without having an electric outlet nearby. I was in this spot for quite a few years until I discovered the other options.

There are also many different materials that are available, not just concrete.

Types of Bird Bath Fountains

There are different kinds of these fountains available along with different water ways to have the water in the basin.

An outdoor fountain can be made of concrete, copper, iron, aluminum, or brass.

They can also be a composite material that looks like some of the above, such as concrete or iron.

  • Concrete - Concrete bird baths are readily available. As they weather, they lose some of the "newness" look. Sometimes moss will even grow on them if they are in a shady spot. One of the disadvantages, however, is that they can crack in the winter.
  • Copper - These fountains are beautiful. They stand out, rather than blending in, but turn color in areas over time for a more antique look.
  • Iron - Bird baths made of ironare most likely old ones or antiques. They will give a more unique look, but will most likely have to be painted, as they rust. Or keep that rusty look if you like!
  • Aluminum - Those made of aluminum are usually made to resemble the old iron fountains. I have one myself and it is holding up very well. Mine has dark green coloration to. It blends into my garden, but at the same time is a focal point...the best of both worlds.
  • Resin - A manufactured material made to resemble other materials. Resin products will withstand the weather so you don't have to worry about cracking, etc.
  • Cast Stone Fountains - These fountains can be made of various materials. Concrete is the main substance. Sand, crushed stone, gravel and color pigments may all be added. Cast stone holds up well (much better than concrete) and can be made to resemble many natural stone materials.
  • Brass - This also weathers over time creating an aged look. These can be quite expensive, as many are done by artists.

Water in fountains can move in various ways. The most common way is via a pump which recirculates the water. The pump is often electric and connected to an outlet by an underground wire.

However, there are other ways to have flowing water in the bird bath. Don't feel just because you do not have an outlet you can't have moving water.

You might consider solar bird baths. A solar powered bird bath requires no electricity to operate. It relies on the sun to provide energy. A solar panel in the bowl powers the pump. One of the advantages of this type of bird bath is that it can be placed anywhere in the landscape.

Moving Water

If you would like to create a bird bath fountain out of a regular bird bath, there are some creative options. You can purchase a pump that sits in the bowl that connects to a garden hose. This pump may have an extension with either a drip feature or that of running water into the bowl.

You can turn on the hose while enjoying it, and turn it off when you leave. It's not as practical, but it does provide a type of fountain if you have no outside electrical outlet.

Another option is an item which runs on a battery and sits in the bowl. It "wiggles" the water.

A bird bath fountain is one of the nicest feature to include in your landscape. You will have water, birds....and beauty!

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