pavers vs bluestone for a patio

by Judy
(Boston, MA)

Dry Laid Bluestone

Dry Laid Bluestone

Which is better for a patio? Is there a big price difference? Which is cheaper. I am putting a patio in on Cape Cod appr 16 x 20.


Hi Judy,
Pavers are less expensive than bluestone. Concrete pavers are generally dry laid while bluestone can be dry laid or set in concrete. Setting bluestone in concrete is the most expensive.

Examples are shown in the above photos.

From least expensive to most expensive.

  1. Pavers - dry laid - many different colors and patterns. See Paver Suppliers

  2. Bluestone - dry laid - these can be either regular, geometric shapes or more natural shapes. The regular, geometric shapes can be laid straight or on the diagonal. They can also be different or the same sizes.

  3. Bluestone - set in concrete - same options as above.

As far as which is better, it's a matter of preference. I prefer natural stone, so bluestone will give you a different look than pavers. They will both hold up well. Bluestone pieces are typically much larger than pavers, so you have less joints, which can be an advantage.

There are many types of concrete pavers and also different kinds of bluestone, regarding shapes and colors.

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