Paver Colors for White Brick House

by Sonya Lefever
(Jacksonville FL)

I live in Jacksonville Florida. I have a traditional ranch house on the river. The house is painted brick-white with black shutters. The roof is shingles- black/gray. I am having a black wrought iron front and side door put in with a new garage door -white with black wrought iron design across the top and black wrought iron accent pieces/hardware. I was thinking of using a city series design from paver systems in shades of gray/black. My husband thinks we should use a more traditional brick color. What is your advice.

Thank you.


Hi Sonya,
I think either of those paver colors with your white brick house would look nice. I looked them up and from what I saw they come in an 8 x 8 size. Correct? That's good because then the shape will be different than the typical brick size and won't fight with it.

What I would do is get a bunch of samples from each color range, bring them home and lay them out. This way you will really see what they will look like with your house. You may think the gray tones are not interesting enough, but you also may think the brick color stands out too much. Either will go with your house, so it's just a matter of personal preference and you won't know for sure how you feel about the colors until you try them.

You didn't mention what the pavers are being used for...walkway, patio, or driveway. However, one thing you might consider is using the gray tones and adding some of the red brick color to it.

This can be done a couple of different ways.

1. If it's a large enough area, add a circle design at the entry or center of the paving. The circle could be all red brick while the rest of the paving is the grays. You could also just outline the circle with one or two rows of red brick.

2. You could add the red brick as an edging along the perimeters.

3. Do both...a circle design and also a colored perimeter.

Again, you can lay this out at your house. I would consider this type of combination of colors with the gray as the main paving and the brick color as the accents, not the other way around.

Hope this helped...I know color choices can be difficult. Although for driveways, you can see some circle and perimeter designs here. Paver Designs


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