Landscaping For The Front of House

by Gilbert Taylor
(Jacksonville Al.)

Yard Remodeling

Yard Remodeling

Here is a question about landscaping for the front of a house.

Hi, my name is Gilbert Taylor and I am a beginner in yard landscaping. I have been searching and getting all sorts of ideas and wanting to do much of the work myself but I am afraid that I will make a fatal mistake in putting things together. I am submitting some images of a before and after of what my front yard and house looks like. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.


Hi Gilbert,

There are a few things to know in selecting plants, aside from design, such as:

1. Your plant zone. Once you know that, you will be able to choose plants that grow in your area.

2. The sun and shade conditions of the particular areas that you want to landscape. You need plants that like sun in sunny areas and those that grow well in shade for shady places.

See my ebook Designing With Evergreen Shrubs.

3. What is the mature size of a particular plant.
This is of particular importance at a front foundation planting. For example, you have windows at the front of the house. You won't want plants that will grow above them. Also, the bed you created has a certain depth to it. Find out a plant's width so that it does not get to wide for the area.

4. Many plants will adapt to soil conditions, but some plants like it very dry or very wet. Plants that need a lot of moisture will need extra watering, especially until they get established.

So, that's some of the basics. As far as design goes, here are some concepts to follow which will help you create a nice design:

1. Use trees at the house corners. Place them far enough away so that they will not hit the house when they are mature.

2. When using shrubs, mass them. Use 3 or 5 of a variety together. Resist the temptation to plant one of this and one of that.

4. If you have the depth, add some perennials in front. this will provide texture, color and interest. Mass the perennials too.

You might want to visit my page on Plants for Landscaping and Landscaping Ideas. Follow some of the links on those pages also.

Good luck!

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