grass and weeds on my decomposed granite

by Bruce

I live in LA and put in decomposed granite as part of my garden. I love it, but I'm finding that grasses and weeds manage to take root?when I had thought that it would look like a path in a Paris park and be virtually no-maintenance.

I have sprayed with organic weed killer, and then Ortho weed killer, but I'm wondering if the French just have guys out there weeding and I didn't realize that, or if there is something one can do to make the dg less hospitable to weeds.

One other thing I have noticed is that when my dog pees on the dg, it holds that unfortunate smell much more strongly than if I get her to pee on the plants/dirt/compost areas (although not great for the plants, it's much easier on the nose).

Thanks for taking the time to consider my question?any insights are much appreciated.

Best, Bruce


Hi Bruce,
From what you are saying, I am assuming that you have used the loose DG. See my page on decomposed granite to read about the different types you can use.

I am guessing that the looseness of the material is allowing weed seeds to imbed themselves in the DG. At this point, spraying the weeds or pulling them out seems to be the more practical options. The firmer types of decomposed granite, such as with the resin or stabilizers, probably make it more difficult for this to happen. Perhaps this is what is in Paris...or as you guessed, they may have workers just pulling them out all the time!

I have used a product called Preen in my planting beds, which is a pre-emergent weed killer. It prevents them from growing. You might try really works.

It reminds me of when I went to England, and the roses at Hidcote (famous English garden) had no blackspot whatsoever. Caretakers can make plants and paving materials look perfect!

I am not sure how much you have down, but you could also consider re-doing it with one of the other materials. If you contact Kafga Granite, they might be able to help you out further. They sell all of the different types of DG.

Regarding your dog...perhaps you could spray the area with something that is offensive to your pooch so that he will not go there...or periodically dilute the area with water.

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Aug 03, 2019
Treating Dog Urine Scent on DG ground cover
by: Nancy

Spraying distilled white vinegar across the DG surface helps. Tried it before finding these posts. You might have to do it more than once. Might be good to brush the DG (wide industrial broom) before spraying with vinegar to loosen it up.

Feb 14, 2016
Weeds in decomposed granite
by: desertlocs

I just saw the post and I have the same issue. I'm in the Antelope Valley of Los Angeles County.

I just had my lawn removed and DG and rocks installed. The landscaper used his own stock and did not design my lawn the way I requested and now we are in discussions through my attorney because he refuses to fix the lawn without me paying more.

I just now noticed weeds coming in through the DG that is supposedly packed down.

I would appreciate any information you may provide. I'm going to have to save up and have my lawn re-landscaped in the near future because what I have now looks pretty crappy.

Oct 08, 2013
Dog urine on DG
by: Anonymous

Dogs smell the ammonia left behind from their urine. Apply white distiller vinegar to those areas to neutralize the Oder and deter your pooch.

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