Front Foundation Plants

Front Foundation Plants

Front Foundation Plants

Hi, we pulled out the big bushes that were in front of our house and now need something that will dress it up. Also there is a pretty big space behind the fence that could really look nice if only we would know were to start. It gets the morning sun in the front and late afternoon/eve behind fence. Thanks for your help. SF


I can't really see the fence area, but I can address plants along your house...the front foundation planting.

It would be nice to add some evergreen shrubs along the house. Perhaps add a group of one kind to the left of your front door and then another group (different quantities) to the right. From the photos, it seems as if anywhere from 3 to 7 would work, depending on the plant you choose and its mature width. At the right corner, add a group of three taller shrubs. In front of these, I would place a nice ornamental tree to provide some height for your long house. If you can, also position another tree to the left of the garage, this will frame the house.

In front of the shrubs, add some perennials for color. Plant them in groups of a minimum of three each. Change the textures of the plant groups next to each other. Use perennials that bloom at different times of the year.

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You can also place a tree near your front door. I can't see one in the photo but I am assuming you have a front walkway, so the tree could be placed on the street side. This will bring the design out onto your lawn a bit to create some dimension. Also try to curve the beds.

Since You didn't say where you live, I can't recommend specific plants. You might want to take a look at my ebook Designing With Evergreen Shrubs. This ebook will suggest some great shrubs to use, what plant zone is for each one, sun and shade conditions, along with design tips.

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