Cost Of Sitting Walls

by Alison

I am trying to build a patio. However, I would like to know how much a sitting wall could cost. These walls are on the side of the patio, and their dimensions are 17' x 2' and 11'x2' - the material is paver cambridge renaissance collection. I hope you can help me!!!!

Hi Alison,
I'll assume that you are looking to have a contractor build them? If not, you just need to call a supplier and get material costs. I see you are in Virginia. Try Allied Stone in Charlottesville.

Regarding it being built by a'll find various prices among the different companies. However, I'll give you some VERY rough figures.

The wall 17' long by 2' high is 34 square feet. The wall 11' long by 2' high is 22 square feet.
This is a total of 56 square feet.

However, a seat wall has two sides, as opposed to a retaining wall which only has one visible side. Therefore you need to double the square footage which brings it to 112 square feet.

As mentioned, pricing can vary, but I'll use about $60 per square foot. $60 x 112sf = $6720.00

The wall cap, which is where you sit, might be additional. Shop around, particularly now. I hope this was clear...any other questions let me know.

By the way, your seat walls do not have to be 2' high. You'll find them comfortable at 21" high.

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Oct 31, 2010
Seat Wall Costs
by: Susan

You are right and I stand corrected. I was thinking of natural stone walls. If block walls are used, the best thing would be to find one that has two finished sides. I don't believe the Renaissance Wall Stone is made this way, however. I haven't researched it, but from looking at the photo on the Cambridge website, it appears it is angled.

I happened to be researching just this for a client last week. Of course the one selected would have to go well with her patio hardscape material. One I found that was very nice was the Versa-Lok Veranda wall stone. It's tumbled, comes in different sizes for a mosaic look, and is offered in three colors. The odd thing is that it is not offered in the midwest, only the east.

Oct 30, 2010
calculation, square footage for sitting wall
by: Anonymous

Im not sure why you are doubling the square footage of a sitting wall. Purchasing two sided material will take care of the asthetics and reduce cost by half. Only reason to double the wall is if the customer wants a 2 foot wide seating area.

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