Brick Patio Costs With Retaining Walls

I live in Central Jersey and want to built a 25 foot x 25 foot brick patio with retaining walls . What is the typical price range to have this done?


When you say brick I'll assume you mean real brick and not pavers. Pavers are a little less and the walls would typically be made out of decorative concrete block. Concrete block walls are less expensive than brick walls.

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As far as the brick patio costs go, the dimensions you provided comes out to 625 square feet. If you are dry laying it, which is less expensive than brick set in concrete, the square foot price is around $15 to $18/sf. This equates to (I'll use $16/sf) to around $10,000. Eek! Pretty expensive and I haven't even got to the walls yet.

Do you really need a patio that size? That's quite large. Perhaps you do, but consider that you can fit a 72" long table with 6 to 8 chairs, 2 to 4 lounge chairs., and a grill area on a much smaller patio.

It's harder to give you costs for walls as I don't know where they would be located, how long or how tall. But if YOU know, I can give you some tips on figuring the costs.

Take the length of the wall and multiply it by the height to get the square footage. Use this for brick walls that are mortared onto concrete block. If you could get it done for $60 - 70/sf, consider yourself lucky. Those types of walls are very expensive and they are most likely a lot more. Try to keep the height of the walls under 4 feet. I prefer 24 to 30 inches, but of course this all depends on your grading and the design.

One thing you could do to cut down on costs is to add some bluestone trim to the brick patio and then install stone walls, dry laid. The two materials look very nice together. This will be less expensive than the brick walls, depending on who you get as an installer. Prices vary a lot for this type of hardscape.

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