bluestone for a patio or swimming pool decking

by kenn knarr
(catharpin, VA USA)

Here's a question regarding bluestone for a patio or swimming pool decking...and if it gets hot.

Does bluestone get hot in summer when used on a patio or around a pool? Is it slick when wet around a pool or spa hot tub?


Hi Kenn,
Yes it does get hot. There are some people who use it and the fact that it gets hot is not important to them. It IS hot on your feet though. I don't find it particularly slick. It's the heat, particularly around swimming pool decking, that is the issue.

On this page Pictures of Swimming Pools take a look at the 3rd picture down. We used a stone called Apple Creek, which looks like bluestone but is a little cooler. I don't know if you can get it in Virginia. This was a landscape design in New Jersey.

In the 4th picture down, the client wanted to use bluestone, but in the end decided on pavers. It turned out very nice.

Consider the following pool patio materials:

Travertine Pavers - They are beautiful, cool on your feet and a natural stone like bluestone. Another favorite of mine.

Concrete-Pavers - Not a natural material but some are made to look like stone.

Colored Concrete - You can make it interesting by adding a color into the concrete mixture and then creating a geometric pattern, such as 18" or 24" squares. The paving pattern can be set on the diagonal for additional interest.

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