Blue colored landscape lights - providing enough light

I live in a community in Florida.

Our HOA is considering changing our white landscaping lights (which also reflect on our fountains which have a black backdrop, as you can see, in the first picture on the attached website)to blue.

The fountains, when lit, are not very bright.

I was wondering how a professional might feel?

Thank you for your help.

Linda Liberatore


Hi Linda,
I tried emailing you directly but it did not go through. Perhaps you typed in the wrong email address? If you'd like to correspond with me directly, please do so by my contact form.

I am not familiar with blue lights. Whenever I have done a lighting design, it's been with typical lighting, without specifying any colored lights. Since you mentioned that when the fountains are lit that they are not very bright, do you have information that blue lights will make it brighter? Perhaps the lighting design and fixtures need to be changed. Some lightitng fixtures provide more light than others. Also, some direct the light in a better way. Possibly there are not enough lights too.

Btw, I could not get to the photos you were referrring to.

Here is the name of someone you can contact who is a lighting professional. I have worked with him and he is very knowledgeable.

Clay Johnston
Outdoorlighitng Perspectives

Here are some of his projects.
Exterior Landscape Lighting

He had given me permission to place these photos of his on my site as additional lighting examples.

Good luck.

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