Window Bird Feeders To Attract Birds Up Close

Window bird feeders can be one of the most enjoyable types of bird feeders! What could be better than viewing the birds right up against your window? There are a few different types of window bird feeders that you can choose from. Most attach to the window by suction cups.

The larger the feeder is, the more bird seed it will hold. This means that you have to fill it less often. I have found that those made of wood look better for a longer period of time than those made of types of plastic. I also like the look of wood.

Window Mount Bird Feeders With a Roof

These window bird feeders are usually made of clear plastic so that you can see through it. Many of these are made with an unbreakable polycarbonate construction.

There is a covering on top which is advantageous because it keeps the birds dry in rainy or snowy weather. It also helps keep the seed from getting wet and moldy. Birds can get sick if this occurs.

It is a good idea to see how the feeder you are considering actually works. Some are made so that the seed reservoir slides out of the roof for easy cleaning and filling. Other feeders slip off a rim at the top, and this works well too.

Window Tray Feeders

A tray feeder usually is open without a covering over it. The tray can be made from clear plastic or from wood. These types of bird feeders should have a mesh bottom so that the rain can get through. This helps the seed stay drier by preventing water collecting in the tray.

One of the advantages of the tray feeder is that it can accommodate many sizes of birds. Covered feeders are more restricting, especially if the roof is steep.

Good suction cups are very important. It is very frustrating (I know!) to have the feeder constantly falling off the window. The one I now usehas quality suction cups and has never fallen off the window. It is also rather large and holds about four cups of seed.

I would suggest soaking the suction cups in soapy water, and then letting them dry prior to attaching them to the window. Also, make sure the window surface is clean. Then you can moisten the suction cups and attach them. This will assure that they will work the best.

Some window bird feeders are made with a one-way mirror so that you can watch them, without the birds having any idea that you are doing so.

Window Bird Feeders and Bird Seed

If you like, you can use a good, multipurpose birdseed to attract a variety of birds. You can also use just one type of seed to draw a particular bird or birds. It all depends on if you want to watch many kinds of birds at your window, or if there is a special bird you would like to have there. Some window feeders come with separate removable trays for different types of seed.

For example, Cardinals love sunflower seed. They also love to perch on something substantial as they are feeding, so a tray feeder would be a good choice. If you wanted to watch these colorful birds, you could either use sunflower seed alone in a window birdfeeder, or make sure it is in a seed mixture.

If you place (or have) some shrubs for the birds, this will help create a nice habitat. Birds like plant material where they are somewhat sheltered and where they can perch easily. I have a Forsythia outside my kitchen window, and they absolutely love to congregate there.

Not only can you get great enjoyment from window bird feeders, but they are also great for nature photography. If your windows are clean, you can take photos right through the glass and get wonderful results. 

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