Water coming over property line

by wet

My neighbor's rain runoff goes down the side of the house and under the fence and onto my property. I was wondering if there is something I can put along the bottom of the fence separating the property to keep their water on their side of the fence. This would be about 100 feet of fencing that would be affected, so I can't afford anything too fancy.


It all depends on the grade of your land, since water must travel somewhere so that it is not stagnant.

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You would want to catch the water to prevent it from travelling further onto your property. 100 feet is a long distance. The least expensive option would be to create a drainage swale on your side of the fence. This is similar to a ditch but is lawn. The swale would go alongside your fence, parallel to it. How far inside depends on the width of your property in that area. The main thing is that it has to slope in a certain direction, either towards the front yard or towards the rear, and then there must be a logical place for the water to collect. So the land must slope towards the drainage swale on both sides, but also the swale must be pitched at a minimum of 1/4" per foot.

The swale might lead to a wooded area, just a lower elevation on your property, etc. You could also create a dry well. A dry well is a drainage pit created from stone. They can also be concrete drums, but those are much more expensive. The swale leads directly to the top of the dry well where the water can seep into it. The water seeps down and then percolates back out into the surrounding ground.

Perforated pipe along the fence is another option. The water would collect in the pipe via holes on the top (and sometimes on the bottom). The pipe would be sloped at about 1/4" per foot and lead to a particular area.

You would have to price it out both ways. The swale is likely cheaper.

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Apr 10, 2011
What can I use
by: wet

Sorry, no picture available. I said there was 4 feet of coment on the ground, but the fence was mounted on a separate cement slab separated from the ground by a couple of inches of dirt. I would like to be able to put something along the fence's cement slab to reroute the water back to the neighbor's side, and wondered if you had any ideas for a material that would work that would be tall enough (at least 6-8 inches tall) and of a material that could be wedged into the dirt and wouldn't rust with the water (and also would be safe to install and have with a curious dog around).

Mar 31, 2011
wouldn;t work
by: wet

The property on my side is about 3 inches of dirt and then 4 feet of cement, so there is no room to build drainage. The fence is wooden, mounted on a concrete slab about 2 inches wide on my side of the fence, and about 4 inches high. I am looking for suggestions for something to run along the cement base of the fence to keep the water on their side, not drip onto mine.


You say it is two inches wide, but you also say it is four feet wide. Could you please send a photo? Just submit another question and mention this discussion and post the picture(s) at the same time.


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