Travertine Pavers or Concrete Pavers For Pool Decking

by Margeret

We have a two story brick house. After living in our house 18 years, we are tearing our pool out and redoing. We originally had Arizona flagstone, and it chipped off and the concrete joints also cracked and chipped badly. So, we are wanting a beautiful and long lasting decking. We don't want small pavers like our brick, because we have a lot of red brick on our house. So, we like travertine and concrete tile has been recommended. The temperature range is significant where we live - up to 102 in summer and 20 in winter. Our house is very traditional. By the way, the educational materials on your site are amazing!


Hi Margaret,
I'm glad you are enjoying my site...thanks.

Are you asking me my opinion on travertine or concrete? What do you mean by concrete tile? Where do you live?

I live in Lubbock, Texas, and the pool company that we are using mainly does stamped concrete, which we don't want after our fiasco with travertine tile and the cracking of the wide concrete joints and the flaking of the travertine. I think I meant concrete pavers 16 by 16 inches. It is a man-made product, but right now I don't know more than that.

I have not been able to get any help selecting decking material, so I decided to investigate on the internet and that is when I came across your site. I wish you were here in Lubbock!

Yes, I am asking about your recommendation about travertine pavers verses concrete pavers in our climate and secondly what your thoughts are about the look of travertine pavers verses concrete pavers for a formal two story
red brick house. I don't know if you do consulting work? Once a decision is made, then we will need reputable suppliers.

Hi Margaret,

I love travertine pavers. The look of the stone is amazing and it is a natural stone, while pavers as you mentioned are man made, so they both have a different look. Both paving materials should be dry laid, and then you won't have any problems with your temperature extremes. They will move and settle back with any soil movement.

As far as which looks better with your house, I think either could work (without seeing pictures or knowing the color of the brick or the mortar). I did use travertine pavers on a project where the house was brick and it looked fine. Although you can't see the house in this photo, here is the project, 3rd photo down.

travertine for pool decking

The best thing to do would be to select a few colors, get samples of both materials and look at them with your house on your property. They both have different looks and you may prefer one over the other. You have to get at least 4 pieces of each (or more) to really piece won't do it. Do you have a supplier nearby?

I like the larger sizes so that it does not fight with the brick shape. You can get the travertine in a French pattern which is made up of different, larger sizes. The large concrete pavers will look good too.

Yes, I do consulting work if you are interested. You also might be interested in my ebook Landscaping Costs which has pricing for all types of paving materials and other landscape elements.

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